preprosti veganski recepti. Kadar imam na razpolago malo več časa – ponavadi je to med vikendi, se včasih lotim projekta domači veganski hamburgerji. Božanski Veganski Recepti, Maribor. K likes. Community. Skrivni Veganski Recepti has members. Ta stran ni namenjena samo veganom, dobrodosli tudi tisti, ki imate otroke z alergijami na mlecne izdelke.

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This year a bit later then past years, but just as good and successful.

Home About Recipe box Life and travel Basics. I want to offer people healthy snacks, that are easy to make, since I will make them myself with lots of help from my family and friends. Nisem si mislila, da je brokoli tako okusen tudi surov. How much this furry little creatures grow on you! It is usually after something big, and I need some time of. The best thing we do together is to lay in front of the fireplace. Vedno se zredim, vefanski zato, ker je zunaj mraz in raje ostanem notri, s knjigo v vegganski ali pa kuham.

My body is changing on the inside and the outside. The temperatures outside are getting colder, and my mind is a bit sleepy. And it is not over jet. It has been a while, but I am glad to be back! Summer is kind of fall-ish this year in Slovenia. Hehe, well it has been like that for two days now. But I managed to make this recipe for you vegansli. In tole je popoln recept. Kaj kuhati, kaj jesti, kako posneti fotografijo?


We had to prepare it for the winter. It was so nice, just hanging, cooking the sauce outside the plus side is, it does not leave a smelly kitchen and drinking good wine. It is part of the Christmas recfpti, and I would eecepti to promise, that more is coming, but I am not sure.

It is so dark outside, it is nearly impossible to make good pictures. So you must have heard about Slovenia in these two weeks. And it is Christmas time, the best time in the year. Vsake toliko pride dan, ko sem zelo lena. It is foggy and cold, it is impossible to see more than 10 meters in front of you. I have been vegan for almost 5 months now, and I feel great. I am stuck in a unproductive zone right now. This is the first recipe of the wedding series.

And then our athletes won 7 medals! And this brings my laziness out.

irispotatolover – preprosti veganski recepti

Or are you just here for the recipe? Even more when it comes to bogging. For the last few days I was busy with work and garden. One of the best things of being an adult and living with the love of your life, is to be able to host dinner parties. In to potegne iz mene lenobo.


This one is my favourite actually. I have a recipe blockade. In hrepenim po sladkih stvareh.

My new favourites are vegetables, like this recipe. I hope our doggy will make me go out this winter. The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful.

Ali si tu le za recept? They say it is going to snow on Friday. Zelo se moram potruditi, da ne spim cel dan! Pospraviti sva morala vrt in ga pripraviti za zimo. So read on to learn more about it and of course to get the recipe.

preprosti veganski recepti

I try my best not to sleep all day! My plan was to be vegan at home, and vegetarian when invited somewhere. And I crave sweet things all the time. Maybe rwcepti will be on yours? I got the best present for my 25th birthday! I have 3 projects at once, and they are keeping me awake at night. Meaning I have already drank a few glasses of a mulled win, and I started planing our Christmas dinner menu.

I love it, even if I have little time to relax, I make the most of it.