Panthertown Valley. TR mi. Deep Gap. TR mi. Blackrock. TR mi. Rattlesnake Knob. TR mi. Green Valley. TR mi. Find many scenic places in Panthertown Valley in Nantahala National Forest in the North Carolina mountains Take a map or print the one for this hike below. Hike to Schoolhouse Falls in Panthertown Valley in Nantahala National Forest in the North Begin the hike to the right of the kiosk with a posted trail map.

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Many of the trails follow old logging roads with spectacular overlooks.

Access Denied

Once on top of Little Green, the views are amazing! We went in when it was dark and got out when it was dark and were ready to meet the challenges. I would like to volunteer! I thought this was the best trail in the area.

It’s located between Cashiers and Beautiful fall foliage right now also! Take a GPS watch in case you need to retrace your path and find your way out, but there is no better way to learn the trails than to get lost once or twice. To the top of green mountain and back to the trailhead is 4 miles.

Schoolhouse Falls, Little Green Mountain, Greenland Creek Falls Trails Loop

Among the scenic delights of the area are its waterfalls, with a large one on Vlaley Creek east of the Little Green. We love Panthertown and we work hard to protect this special place.

In Duke Power now Duke Energy bought the valley in order to build a high-voltage transmission line down its East side. The more detailed your report the better. Just on the other side of the creek, turn right onto Greenland Creek Trail and take the winding, skinny trail through rhododendron to the ft.

This, combined with heavy, flooding rains, caused massive erosion and killed most leftover vegetation. Although you may hike anywhere in Panthertown, mountain bikes and horses should stick to trails designated appropriately and Forest Service roads. Take a map or print the one for this hike below.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. The main Panthertown Valley trail connects the two main parking areas in the valley. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law. The wonderful volunteer group, Friends of Panthertown read about them belowprotects and maintains the public trails in Panthertown Valley spread out over 6, acres.

Find a unique fall leaf-looking experience in the North Carolina mountains! Panthertown is obviously renowned for hiking, but I’ve run throughout Panthertown Valley several times and can say it is one of the best places I’ve ever been.

Keep your gear in bear bags: Ranger Office There are no facilities, ranger offices or visitor centers at Panthertown. Panthertown is my home and is run by a great conservation group. What this means in practice is that timber production is not allowed, so the area will be able to return to a natural state.

Greenland Creek and Panthertown Creek are the area’s main waterways, which join to form the Tuckaseegee river. Trail layers and downloadable data are all original works created by WNCOutdoors with guidance from a variety of sources, including ensembles of our own GPS tracks, user contributed GPS tracks, official maps and GIS data from government agencies, and field observations.

This hike has a little bit of everything. You get to see waterfalls and views of Panthertown Valley on this trail. Here is the official USFS Map after the trail designations are complete, with some changes to the trail proposals from the map above. I love this place. While trails are marked, you can easily miss the blazes or trail markers if you are not paying attention.

Bring a picnic to your favorite hangout spot on one of these beaches, or perhaps to a cliff-top view where you can supplement it with a handful of wild blueberries.


Jaime Snelling recorded Recording – Nov 04, Be sure to follow the green blazes on trees or the faint white arrows on the rock under your feet. Panthertown Valley is fast becoming my go-to ‘backyard’ destination when I’m looking for a few hours on the trail without travelling too far.

In another trip report I based this hike on this approximate route was referred to as the “Panthertown Crown Loop” so I adopted the title for this hike. Then enjoy all you see and discover!! Pahthertown Panthertown Valley, you will find granite rock domes with ft.

Trails | Friends of Panthertown

At least 8 major waterfalls and countless smaller ones lie along the area’s streams. You’ll explore the unusual, flat-bottomed, high-elevation Turn left on Panthertown Valley Trail to return to your car. Panthertown attracts many outdoor enthusiasts including hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians, rock climbers, photographers, anglers and birders.

Click above to view the flippable NC Mountain Treasures publication! The hardest part of the trail was the climb to the summit of Little Green Mountain after Schoolhouse Falls, but it really wasn’t too tough. My only complaint is that it’s really easy to wander off the main trail on the summit since it’s not marked well. Our members support our conservation efforts with membership donations.

Our volunteers protect and maintain the official Panthertown Trail System, consisting of 30 miles panthertoown multi-use, non-motorized public trails spread out over 6, acres. At the end, you climb over some big rocks and fallen trees to get a great view. Be mindful of dogs and horses on this trail, and other campers.