26 Mar In this article we discuss how to integrate ECATT with QTP (UFT). Found a nice article for integrating ECATT & MERCURY QTP. Read the full. 20 Sep This video tutorial introduces Flight Reservation Application which is used for hands-on in the succeeding tutorials_. 24 Sep HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional testing tool. Learn everything about QTP/UFT including descriptive programming.

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I have downloaded Quick Test Professional 9. If you are into QA even for a while, chances are remote that you may have not heard of this three letter acronym. In UFT nearly 22 to 25 topics are there so we can learn easily in 15 days……. Anonymous on July 4, at Hi frnds, Please help me ,i need to download qtp 9. Please help on this. tutorkal

Why QTP is the best testing tool? Sangeeta on August 16, at The Video will load in some time. Anonymous on July 20, at Hi Ankur, I am new to automation testing. I am using QTP 9.

Mercury Timer in QTP – Mercury Timer in QTP () | Wisdom Jobs

Anonymous on January 30, at tuutorial I tried once but failed to download. I need your help on this too. New FlexTable test object methods available for advanced data grid controls Note: I have downloaded UFT Please could you give me ur contact details or send me email on, zesdar-4 student.


My name is John and I am also a quality assurance automation engineer. Hi Ankur hoping u great.

Very good job Ankur. Ankur Jain on June 10, at I am mdrcury to automation testing. Purusharth Mahay on September 22, at I want some standard answer challenges which should be bit impressive and also it should be answerable. Thank Ankur, I get your answer. Hi do you have any pdf file about qtp 8. HP QTP is an automated functional Testing tool that helps testers to execute automated tests in order to identify any errors, defects or gaps in contrary to the expected results of the application under test.

Please email me vikramsinghkalsi gmail. Mahi on August 26, at I am also getting the same error when try recording on web app.

QTP tool helps the testers to perform an automated functional testing uninterrupted. Anonymous on November 17, at Probably hijacked or XSS issue.

QTP Tutorial – Step by step guide to learn QTP

Hi ankur, I have just started to work on QTP. Salem on June 14, at Could you help me to identify an image of win object. Automation Testing Interview Questions. I recommend you to subscribe by Email and have new UFT articles sent directly to your inbox. Whatever may be your reason, QTP is a great tool that should be added to your software testing skill-set. Anonymous on August 1, at Functions like to verify the Mercury tours registration form, for error messages, invalid date entries etc.


Anonymous on April 4, at Add first 3columns and compare with 4th column if both are same display Passed in result column otherwise Failes. Have you ever lie on your resume? So I am not able to learn qtp. HI Ankur, Thanks for posting this….

The steps mentioned by you to do the same was very much helpful. I know this may sound wierd; but i want to suggest we should design a standard tutorial which covers based on your professional experiences and market needs, this tutorial will also have extensive excercises to give the beginners handfull of exposure.

Hi Ankur, I have an image of win object. Archana on November 30, at Business Analyst Project Management Informatica. Geetanjali on January 6, at Could you please help me out in solving this error. Hi Ankur, Your blog is really a boon for people wanting to learn QTP; but still we more dependant on traditional methords of teaching… download the demo, dowload the handbook, try xyz… and should be able to kick start your QTP bike….

The application we have to automate contains code which is generating a table in html form.