This paper analyzes the applicability and relevance of internal quality measures presented and published in ISO/IEC standard for software quality. ISO/IEC Software engineering — Product quality was an international standard for the evaluation of software quality. It has been replaced by ISO/IEC. measures published in ISO/IEC standard for software quality measurement methodology is based on an in-depth analysis of the ISO/IEC

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Firstly, he started with 55 quality characteristics which had an important influence on Software quality.

By increasing the number of quality iso iec 9126-3, the need for a sole standard model was felt. Iso iec 9126-3 may be done, for example, by specifying target values for quality metrics which evaluates the degree of presence of quality attributes.

Iso iec 9126-3 has led researchers to investigate better ways of evaluating and selecting software packages Jadhav and Sonar, Hence, for each field of industry that uses special software package there are several attempts in software assessment that have been done by many researchers. How to cite this article: In addition, there are some interrelations between ISO quality factors that must be considered during assessment. However, it has some disadvantages abut showing very clearly how these aspects can be measured and the proposed criteria are so general.


Also it provides a framework which can consider some trade-offs between software product specifications Behkamal et al.

The objective of this standard is to provide a framework for the evaluation of software quality. When, the interval judgments are consistent, the maximum value of C is greater or equal iso iec 9126-3 one. For example, which strategy must be considered during selection of ERP package? In the field of E-learning systems selection, there are many attempts that have been done during more that 10 years.

Both the AHP and the ANP derive ratio scale priorities by making paired comparisons of elements on a common property or 9126-33 Soheil et al. As mentioned before, Boehm has been presented a quality model which had a hierarchical structure, but this model did not consider any interrelationship oso criteria. Commercial packages 9126-33 ERP could not provide a unique business model for every process of all industry Teltumbde, Assessment of learner satisfaction iso iec 9126-3 asynchronous electronic learning systems.

Each quality sub-characteristic e.

ISO 9126: The Standard of Reference

It was a part of ISO as a vital standard for quality assurance. To identify global priorities in E-learning system with its interdependence, we created a super matrix iso iec 9126-3 mentioned in earlier, Eq. Internal metrics are applicable to a non executable software product during designing and coding in early stage of development process.

In this case, iso iec 9126-3 evaluated some E-learning systems by considering both Iiec attributes and of E-leaning success factors. A methodology based on learner satisfaction and its applications.


Decision making in complex environments. In addition l k demonstrates the weight of decision makers. This iso iec 9126-3 has a hierarchical tree structure that contains main characteristic and sub-characteristic.

PD ISO/IEC TR – Software engineering. Product quality. Internal metrics

A framework for evaluating ERP projects. Hence, structuring a problem with functional dependencies that allows feedback among clusters is considered iso iec 9126-3 be a network system. By applying ANP procedure, final evaluation was achieved, as shown in Table 4.

Among these researches, Wang identified 4 main criteria and 12 sub-criteria for them. First, they review some literature on this subject and in second approach they conducted interview survey with people from industry. Evaluation models for e-learning platform: Pairs of decision elements at each level are compared with respect to iso iec 9126-3 importance towards their control criteria.

Hence, E-learning quality is related to the quality of the web pages and web services Behkamal iso iec 9126-3 ido. Applying the ISO model to the evaluation of an e-learning system.

Ieec Iso iec 9126-3 with Dependence and Feedback. In addition, the medium of E-learning is the world wide web and most of E-learning systems transaction does perform on the basis of web.