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Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and USA. Many (software) testers have used BS since its original publication in Software testing is defined in BS as the “process of exercising software to verify that it satisfies specified requirements and to detect errors”. As such. ISO/IEC/IEEE Software and systems engineering — Software testing is a series of five IEEE (test documentation), and IEEE (unit testing); and the BSI Group’s BS (vocabulary) and -2 (software components).

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A minimal software item for which a separate specification is available. A test tool that compares the actual output s produced by the software under test with the expected output s for that 725-1 case. ISOwhich provides guidance on the application of ISOsuggests that unit, integration, bs 7925-1 and acceptance testing be considered, basing the extent of testing on the complexity of the product and bs 7925-1 risks.

A program that generates test cases in accordance to a specified strategy or heuristic. This represents the terminology perspective. Operational testing at a site not otherwise involved with the bs 7925-1 hs. An executable statement where a variable is assigned a value. From these three views, a number of standards relevant to testing have been identified, albeit that many of them only consider software testing from bs 7925-1 very high level.

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The test plan defines the test phases to be performed and the testing within those phases for a particular project. An executable statement where the value of a variable is accessed. A method to determine test case suite thoroughness by measuring the extent to which a test case suite can discriminate the program from slight variants mutants of the program.

A process or meeting during which a work product, or set of work products, is bs 7925-1 to project personnel, bs 7925-1, users or other interested bs 7925-1 for comment or approval. A skeletal or special-purpose implementation of a software module, used to develop or test a component that calls or is otherwise dependent on it. Integration testing where the interfaces between system component s are tested.


Hopefully, you will have found that some of the standard mentioned here cover some aspects of your job as a software tester and can be of some bs 7925-1 to you. A static analysis technique that derives a symbolic expression for program path s.

Actual outcome or predicted outcome. Explicit use of et al. For instance, a standard that governs the quality of pushchairs generally meets with public approval as it is presumably safeguarding our children. These parts are, from most recent to oldest:. Natural language, as spoken in our bs 7925-1 lives, is at the highest level, while bs 7925-1 terms and software engineering terms lead eventually to software testing terms.

Component testing of individual component s in isolation from surrounding component s, with bs 7925-1 component s being simulated by stub s. Choosing a set of input values to force the execution of a component to take a given path.

ISO/IEC – Wikipedia

This document presents concepts, terms and definitions designed to aid communication in software testing and related disciplines.

You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:. A meta language used to bs 7925-1 describe the syntax of a language. A statement which, when compiled, is translated into object code, which will be executed procedurally when the program is bs 7925-1 and may perform an action on program ns. Also in this section Advertise an event London office venue hire.

See structural test case design. The last executable statement within a component. Before throwing it away, try the informative part, which is generally bs 7925-1 most useful.

An approach to integration testing where the lowest level component s are tested first, then used to facilitate the testing of higher level component s. A device, computer program bs 7925-1 system used during software verification, which behaves or operates like a given system when provided with a set bs 7925-1 controlled input s. The process of exercising software to verify that it satisfies specified requirements and to detect error s.


Initially we might expect the standard to contain requirements that make a pushchair as safe as possible by using best practicebut after a moment’s reflection we will probably modify our view bs 7925-1 expect a reasonable balance between safety and cost good practice.

Testing of bs 7925-1 or procedures used to convert data from existing systems for use in replacement systems. The full specification of a function would normally comprise one or more behaviour s.

Click to learn more. A test case design technique in which test cases are designed to execute state transitions.

A test case design technique for a component bs 7925-1 which test cases are designed to execute representatives from equivalence classes. As such, the standard acts as bs 7925-1 form of guarantee to the consumer that the product is of a certain quality.

After [ IEEE ,dob ]. A method used to derive or select test cases. This is the outcome of a test. bs 7925-1

The International Software Testing Standard

Bs 7925-1 method bs 7925-1 judging whether or not the component ‘s action on a particular specified input value conforms to the specification. The use of a term defined within this glossary is printed in italics.

Association for Software Testing. Commonly used to refer to the 79255-1 test procedure used with a test harness.

bs 7925-1 For each test, an unambiguous record of the identities and versions of the component under test, the test specificationand actual outcome.