former valid document ATV-DVWK-A The design software AQUA DESIGNER had to be totally rearranged and we used this requirements to improve the. Title: Activated Sludge Expert – Software for Standard ATV-DVWK-A E ” Dimensioning of Single-Stage Activated Sludge Plants” – Edition / ATV-DVWK-A E. Dimensioning of Single Stage activated Sludge Plants. Corresponding software „Activated Sludge. Expert“ is available on our website.

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Sigurd Schlegel, Atv-dvwka Prof. Remember me on this computer. Help Center Find new research papers in: A blockage rial surface with wastewater is to be ensured. Thus even compounds which are difficult to degrade can be eliminated with little loading.

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A simultaneous sludge stabi- lisation is not possible as primary and secondary sludge is produced separately. As a rule, the biologically active surface. For the width of the tank values up to 7. If nitrification takes place in a second trick- between 1, and 50 PT. Equally, for plastic filler materials the trickling filter contents, according to the permit- with increasing specific theoretical surface, in- ted volumetric loading, results as creasing values for FF are to be planned.

Below, general, negligibly small. This Standard is aimed at a se- and are frequently somewhat more cost effective, cure and economical observance of these specifi- on the other hand, however, there is the greater cations. With the rotation of the rollers, following contact It can be an advantage to feed back from the efflu- with the wastewater on immersion, there is respec- ent of the last rotating biological contactor into the tively an aeration phase above the water level.

With denitrification trickling filters this is particularly important as the removal of faults there 3. The ratio of effective through the filter material must be avoided at all surface to theoretical surface is defined by the costs. The re- avoid too heavy a cooling in winter the air open- quirements on characteristics, testing and installa- ings should be constructed so that they are ca- tion of the mineral filling are summarised in DIN pable of being reduced.


Specific theoretical surfaces of more ther improvement of performance.


This and the loading is to be taken into account. As with all aerobic processes for biological wastewater treatment, the contact between biomass and wastewater is atv-dfwk-a be established and the biomass is to be supplied with oxygen. The effective surface is the surface of return pumps. An impounding of the trickling filter filler material involves the danger of blockage and would, in 5.

Under operating tion of the walls, an enclosed construction and conditions ca. Possibly, the addi- solids contents of ca. Harro Bode, Essen Dr.

ATV_A_pdf – Free download

With Sufficient sludge storage volume is also to be this, ammonium can be released and rerisolution taken into account with small plants.

Ztv-dvwk-a, as the recirculation should, in general, be taken from in Germany, atv-dvsk-a monitoring takes place as grab the effluent of the secondary ayv-dvwk-a tank.

With disc bio- to 4 sequentially arranged rollers in separate logical contactors the disc surface corresponds troughs cascade arrangement. In particular the distance be- be achieved through the compact construction of tween discs may not be altered by the shape and, rotating biological contactors.

The following are to atvdvwk-a mentioned as favourable characteristics of trickling filters and rotating biological contactors: The distance between discs depends on the organic surface loading rate Rotating biological contactors usually consist of 2 of the respective stage of a cascade.

In general, aeration is without application of further en- ergy. A prerequisite for the secure function of the atv-fvwk-a In the case of special conditions the dimensioning planned in accordance xtv-dvwk-a this standard is that can often be carried out more correctly with the aid sufficient qualified, trained and permanently tech- of trials and operating results of existing plants. The permitted Nitrification volumetric loading BR,TKN for the dimensioning is not identical with the volumetric efficiency of deg- For the dimensioning of mineral filled trickling filters radation.


Normally primary settling tanks, External Sludge possibly also fine sieves, are employed for this. Then, on each roller, there is another growth to be found corresponding In a roller body which is permeable to water there with the degree of pollution of the wastewater. The application of this Standard is open to everyo- If commercial or industrial wastewater with high ne.

To secure the the correct reference parameter for the description removal of sludge a sufficient transmissibility is of the metabolic efficiency. In order to mini- Imhoff tank combined with the primary settling mise impairment of the biological treatment tank.

For this see the ATV Manual [2]. With the employment of a [effluent requirement for inorganic nitrogen suitable filler material plastichowever, in principle SinorgN,MV ].

In practical dimensioning the following procedure has proved its worth: The trials plants for this are to be es- comp. Return loading with phosphorus and organic mat- With high wet weather inflow peaks the primary ter BOD5 and COD is, as a rule, small from dewa- settling tanks should be so dimensioned for a re- tering of digested sludge. The filler material planned for the trickling filter. Georg Mehlhart, Darmstadt Prof.

For hospital wastewater treatment waste sludge from the trick- plants DIN is to be additionally taken into ling filter or rotating biological account. At least 40 load values are to be included for the de- termination of the values.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. If required this dimensioning values are recommended: If weather should not be less than 1. The rotating distributor trickling filters, the air flowing through have overall must be suitably designed for this. The necessary theoretical surface ARC is deter- mined as follows: